Being Kind To You

Sometimes no matter how much we exercise, eat healthily and take care of ourselves having body confidence can feel like a constant battle. Whilst away on our holiday in Ibiza recently I realised my issues with how I look goes so much deeper than what size bikini I’m wearing. I’d been working out a lot and following a nutrition plan, I was back in my white jeans and my denim shorts – both of ... Read the Post

My Fitness Journey

When it’s 7am and I’ve been up in the night with my baby boy and endured wrestling matches with my 5 year old who doesn’t like sleeping in her own bed, exercise can be the last thing I want to do. As soon as I get out in the garden and do it though I feel like I can take on the day and win. It’s only in the last few months I’ve grown the confidence to workout at home, alone. I was stuck ... Read the Post