Being Kind To You

Sometimes no matter how much we exercise, eat healthily and take care of ourselves having body confidence can feel like a constant battle. Whilst away on our holiday in Ibiza recently I realised my issues with how I look goes so much deeper than what size bikini I’m wearing. I’d been working out a lot and following a nutrition plan, I was back in my white jeans and my denim shorts – both of ... Read the Post

Burn Out & My Tips on Starting a Nutrition Plan.

Listening to my body is something I find really hard to do. I never stop, I hate giving in, and I really don’t like to admit when I need a rest. Over the last week though I’ve paid the price for my ‘Can’t quit, won’t quit’ behavior and I’ve felt really poorly. A throat virus that I just haven’t been able to shake turned into an infection and absolutely floored me. It’s all my own ... Read the Post

My favourite gym wear.

It can feel a little overwhelming at this time of year as most of us decide to make changes. Those changes usually involve something to do with our fitness and food regimes. Whether you are starting a new gym routine for the first time or like me just getting back on it after Christmas you want to feel confident. If you have joined a gym or a fitness class then the chances are you feel a ... Read the Post