Being Kind To You

Sometimes no matter how much we exercise, eat healthily and take care of ourselves having body confidence can feel like a constant battle. Whilst away on our holiday in Ibiza recently I realised my issues with how I look goes so much deeper than what size bikini I’m wearing. I’d been working out a lot and following a nutrition plan, I was back in my white jeans and my denim shorts – both of ... Read the Post

My Mental Health Journey.

The relationship we have with ourselves is often the hardest relationship of all. Learning to love and respect ourselves sometimes even LIKE ourselves can feel challenging at the best of times. Over the years many different situations can impact on our confidence, self-esteem and mental health. I believe every woman endures different battles with her mental health at different times of ... Read the Post


I suffer from anxiety and low self- esteem almost all of the time and I’m sure as I’m getting older it’s getting worse. I have days where I will worry obsessively over a number of things ranging from DIY jobs that need doing in the house to my kids and their well being. I can get really anxious about doing the school run and pick up some days, fretting over not looking good enough and saying ... Read the Post