Body Confidence

How often do you look at a photo of yourself and feel sad? Sad because at the time that particular photo was taken you thought you were overweight, not attractive, and not good looking enough? Then you look back at the photo months or years later and it dawns on you that you actually looked great and you wish at the time you’d realized that. Having body confidence, learning to like our ... Read the Post

Heath and Nursery

On Friday I had one of those lovely rare days where I spent the whole time giving Heath one-to-one attention, snuggling him, kissing him constantly and laughing with him. The kitchen and the living room were both a total mess and the washing baskets were over flowing but for once I didn't care, it didn't bother me in the slightest. My head and heart solely belonged to Heath and it felt ... Read the Post

My favourite gym wear.

It can feel a little overwhelming at this time of year as most of us decide to make changes. Those changes usually involve something to do with our fitness and food regimes. Whether you are starting a new gym routine for the first time or like me just getting back on it after Christmas you want to feel confident. If you have joined a gym or a fitness class then the chances are you feel a ... Read the Post