My Mental Health Journey.

The relationship we have with ourselves is often the hardest relationship of all. Learning to love and respect ourselves sometimes even LIKE ourselves can feel challenging at the best of times. Over the years many different situations can impact on our confidence, self-esteem and mental health. I believe every woman endures different battles with her mental health at different times of ... Read the Post

Top Tips from PT and Fat Loss Expert Dan Ellis.

As a personal trainer and online coach I have a lot of conversations with a lot of different people about their eating habits. There are a TONNES of MYTHS which people seem to hang on to and a lot of these can be really counter productive. I specialise in fat loss. The truth is that to drop bodyfat you do NOT need to change everything about your current eating habits.  It does not need to be a ... Read the Post

Burn Out & My Tips on Starting a Nutrition Plan.

Listening to my body is something I find really hard to do. I never stop, I hate giving in, and I really don’t like to admit when I need a rest. Over the last week though I’ve paid the price for my ‘Can’t quit, won’t quit’ behavior and I’ve felt really poorly. A throat virus that I just haven’t been able to shake turned into an infection and absolutely floored me. It’s all my own ... Read the Post