Burn Out & My Tips on Starting a Nutrition Plan.

Listening to my body is something I find really hard to do.

I never stop, I hate giving in, and I really don’t like to admit when I need a rest.

Over the last week though I’ve paid the price for my ‘Can’t quit, won’t quit’ behavior and I’ve felt really poorly.

A throat virus that I just haven’t been able to shake turned into an infection and absolutely floored me.

It’s all my own doing, I haven’t been listening to my body at all and it finally decided to stand up to me and show me what’s what!

I usually bounce back from colds really quickly and I don’t get ill a lot so it was a surprise to have a health issue that wouldn’t disappear.

We can be so hard on ourselves, always running around after our kids, husbands, and friends and using that favourite line…”I’m fine honestly”.

I recently started a nutrition plan to go alongside my fitness routine and I have been feeling so much stronger.

I have had a lot of anxiety and un certainty going on around me though and I think that’s definitely taken it out of me and contributed to me falling poorly.

This week I haven’t trained and I’ve not been able to eat much as my throat has been super painful.

My weekend was one with no stress where I just appreciated the small things like playing with my kids in the garden and telling my husband I love him so many times he had to actually ask me to stop!

I feel ready to get back to it however I have made a promised to myself to take it easy, not over stretch myself and stay away from anything or anyone who makes me feel negative and drained.

My goal this week is to laugh everyday, treasure all those small moments, and enjoy working out and getting back on my nutrition plan.

I’ve written a bit about how I have been finding it and some tips if you’re a busy mum who’s thinking about doing something similar ahead of summer.

Let’s face it it’s the time of year when we get out all our summer clothes and despair!

We can be so hard on ourselves about how we look and I’m one hundred per cent guilty of this.

Confidence can be a big issue and if you have a holiday planned and you want to feel great finding a healthy fitness routine that works for you alongside a good, healthy nutrition plan can really make a big difference.

Here are some tips I’ve picked up so far since starting my nutrition plan.

I hope you find them useful.


1) Have the right support around you:

It can feel a little stressful making different meals for everyone else in the family home so you need support.

My husband helps with the shopping list, we adapt the meals so if I’m having chicken and sweet potato, he’ll have chicken but with a jacket potato.

He’ll also have the kids if I’m cooking and prepping food ahead – that really helps.

I cook my eggs the night before and sometimes my chicken or salmon.


2) Be prepared:

Don’t get caught out, if you are going to a friends and you know they are going to crack the wine open then tell them before hand that you’re not drinking.

I can honestly say I don’t miss alcohol at all – it’s empty calories and I feel better without it and I train better too.

It’s ok to have a treat sure but I’d rather have a dessert than a glass of wine.

If you are out for the day or working all day then make your lunch the day before. That way you won’t get hungry and end up buying something un healthy.


3) Don’t feel silly or worry you’re boring.

Having a goal, being healthy isn’t boring or silly and those people who love you the most will support you.

In the past I’ve had so called friends of mine call me ‘a fitness bore’ but I remember someone telling me those types of people are like crabs – they claw away at you negatively because actually you have a focus and they’re jealous.

Drinking alcohol and stuffing your face with sweet treats doesn’t make you fun.

Remember how good you feel when you wake up without a hangover or when your stomach doesn’t feel sore.


4) Have a reminder to keep you going:

It could be a picture on your fridge of you in the shape you want to get back into.

I get all my clothes out that I can’t fit into and start trying them on.

It feels great if I’m starting to fit into them and if I can’t just yet it keeps me motivated to staying on track.


5) Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon a little:

Tell your PT ahead – so if you really want a chocolate bar then get them to help you fit that into your daily calories.

You should never feel deprived or miserable because it won’t work if you do.

If there is a food or drink that you absolutely won’t consider giving up then be honest before your plan/transformation package is put together so your trainer can work that into your plan.

It’s totally ok to have a little of what you fancy but don’t lie about it as you won’t get the results you’re so badly striving for.


6) Most importantly enjoy it and be proud of what you’re doing and reward yourself each week.

It could be booking a facial or a blow dry, treating you to a new pair of shoes or making time to have a long soak in the tub and half an hour of reading time away from the noisy family!

You need to pat yourself on the back and remind yourself just how great you’re doing.

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