Body Confidence

How often do you look at a photo of yourself and feel sad?

Sad because at the time that particular photo was taken you thought you were overweight, not attractive, and not good looking enough?

Then you look back at the photo months or years later and it dawns on you that you actually looked great and you wish at the time you’d realized that.

Having body confidence, learning to like our selves and feel good in our own skin is a learning curve and it can feel impossible at times.

When I was in my twenties I had more confidence than I do now especially in clothes and what looked good on me.

Since having children I’ve definitely lost that, I question what’s appropriate and what I can pull off and I only ever feel truly confident when my hair and make-up has been done professionally.

As women there’s no question that society and social media play a big part in creating ideals about the perfect body image.

We are bombarded with images of perfection and magic cures – shakes, pills, weird diets that we are told will make us look like J-lo.

It can take it’s toll and leave us feeling like we just don’t live up to the hype, we aren’t good enough, slim enough, pretty enough.

I’m guilty of scrolling and looking at other people wishing I were them, beating myself up for not having their figure, their hair or their style.

Physically most women have body goals, there is something they would like to change, it could be having slimmer legs, more muscle definition in the arms and stomach or toning up their bottom.

It can feel like a minefield to try and find a healthy way of reaching our fitness goals and often it’s easy to get it wrong so working out and eating well becomes dull and boring and we liken it to a diet.

I love training and I’m lucky I’ve found something that not only helps me with my physical strength but it also helps me with my mental strength too.

I’ve really struggled recently to find a happy place with my nutrition and that’s often the case when you put yourself into a calorie deficit. Often you don’t eat enough and then you end up feeling tired, low resulting in you stuffing your face!

So I’ve teamed up with the wonderful PT Dan Ellis who has worked out a nutrition programme that takes into account my weight, my activity and of course my fitness goals.

I’m really excited to share my progress with you and any tips that could help you too if like me you’re a busy Mum who has specific fitness goals.

For me I want to be leaner, and have better muscle definition.

I’m a comfortable size 12 and I could just stay where I am no problem but I’d love to tone up more and get back to looking more like I did a few years after having my first child.

I trained with Dan as I was living in Newcastle at the time and he introduced me to lifting, strength training and taught me so much about being strong not skinny.

Since having my second child my body has changed shape for sure and taking into account I’m older too, it’s absolutely harder to get my body in the shape I want it to be in.

I think recently I’ve been kidding myself a bit though – that voice in my head telling me I will get the figure I want WITHOUT eating the right foods.

I tell myself because I work out consistently it doesn’t matter if I have biscuits in the evening or butter on everything.

Lets face it that’s fiction not fact and what you eat is crucial to getting results, no amount of working out will change anything if what I’m shoveling into my mouth is wrong.

It doesn’t matter what size you are as long as you’re happy and healthy however everyone is allowed to have goals and if you’re beating yourself up at the moment about not looking or feeling a certain way you’re not alone.

Look at how you can change the current situation, sometimes baby steps can be best and look into getting help.

Getting in touch with a PT for advice or help with your fitness goals can seem daunting but it could be the difference between smashing your body goals and not.

With Dan we started off with small steps, switching my full fat milk to skimmed and upping my water in take.

There are so many questions when starting a transformation/ specific tailored food programme and over the course of the next 8 weeks I’m going to write about my journey and how I handle all of it.

For a lot of busy mums the idea of having to cook separate meals is horrifying so next week I’ll share my tips on making it work.

Dan runs online training and nutrition programmes which are tailored for a specific individual’s needs and goals.

Check out his instagram page @Danellispt



  1. I love your writing and how you really are so down to earth and honest in how you feel that really resonates with me too. Today is my first day again of looking after my lovely body, mind and soul, iv really disrespected my body lately and it deserves to be treated so much better …… so thank you for you and I look forward to this journey along side you …. love Mandy x

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