My favourite gym wear.

It can feel a little overwhelming at this time of year as most of us decide to make changes.

Those changes usually involve something to do with our fitness and food regimes.

Whether you are starting a new gym routine for the first time or like me just getting back on it after Christmas you want to feel confident.

If you have joined a gym or a fitness class then the chances are you feel a little nervous about it all and the last thing you want is to be worrying about what you’re wearing.

As you know if you follow me on my instagram page, I train at home now but I did used go the gym.

I trained three times a week getting there for around 2pm after being up since 4am presenting a breakfast show, so I didn’t really care what I looked like, I was always too tired to think about it.

I can remember seeing women in the gym with their make-up and hair done looking amazing and then there was me in old leggings and a vest just looking forward to lifting some weights and feeling strong.

Puma £12.99 TK Maxx

Sometimes though when you’re stepping into a new environment you want to feel like “I’ve got this” and what you wear does help with that feeling.

It’s really important when working out that you know your clothes are going to give you good support.

After having children I know I feel more self conscious and certain parts of my body are different with some bits hanging in places I wish they didn’t!

I love wearing my gym wear and often throw it on for the school run so it’s nice to have a good pair of leggings that look smart as well as feel good.

There’s so much choice out there style wise and price wise which is great so I thought I’d share with you some of my recent top gym wear finds for women.

My absolute fave workout outfit is from F&F.

I’m in love with the Leopard print leggings and the fit is spot on.

The pink top is lightweight so I can wear a vest underneath if I want an extra layer and the colour is lovely.I particularly like the detail at the bottom with the ruffle and the bow.

This outfit came in at just under 30 pounds.

I think F&F have a great range of on trend fitness clothes for women of all sizes at a good price.

DKNY Leggings £19.99

DKNY Jumper £24.99

Next up is TK Maxx which offers so much choice I spent about two hours browsing in there!

I loved the fact that I could get designer gym clothes for a fraction of the price that you would pay for in the actual shop.

I’m a big fan of DKNY so I was thrilled when my eye caught these leggings and jumper.

The leggings are high waisted so I feel supported around my tummy area which is good especially if you feel self conscious about that part of your body.

The DKNY jumper is lovely on with room for a vest or t-shirt underneath and I feel confident wearing this on the school run or when I’m presenting my early morning show on a Sunday.

I also adored the Amour leggings I tried on in TK Maxx, as they were such a nice fit on my bottom and legs.

These are normally expensive ranging from £60 to £80 pounds but I could pick up a pair for £20 pounds.

Adidas is another fitness brand that looks great and feels good.

The leggings are so comfortable and stretchy which is good when you’re doing squats and lunges, as I don’t want anything that feels too tight.

I tried Primark out as they have quite a large range of fitness outfits but for me they didn’t feel good quality once I put them on and they were a poor fit.

I am a big fan of Pink and nipped in there also for a nose and again there is a lot of choice with leggings coming in at around 50 pounds.

I think that’s an awful lot to pay especially if you are just getting started with a new fitness routine.

I had a couple of questions from some of my followers on instagram.

Louise asked me about where to find a good sports bra. I swear by Bravissimo.

I have two from there and I’ve had them for ages, they are fantastic quality and offer such good support as well as feeling really comfortable.

Claire asked where was best to buy gym wear that allows feeding access for breast feeding mothers.

I’ve not tried nursing sports wear before so I’ve had a look around and done some research into some of the best options.

H&M do nursing sport bras priced between £10 and 20 pounds.

Figure8 is an American company but they offer lots of choice in nursing sports vests.

Buying a slightly over sized sports top with easy access to the straps (so straps which are dipped back) will make it more cooler and more accessible.

Nike does a nice range of tops like this that are worth looking at.

If you’ve embarked on a new fitness journey then I hope it’s going well so far.

I’m going to be posting more fitness videos in February and sharing with you my fitness journey and tips for getting in shape ready for the summer.

I’d love you to join me along the way.

Kelly xx


  1. Really enjoying reading your blog and me and my 30 year old daughter get some of our gym wear from f&f comfortable and reasonable price so win win

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